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The Guardian Mobile Business Summit 2012

Posted on by Steve Workman About 1 min reading time

Yesterday I attended The Guardian Mobile Business Summit in London. As a few hundred mobile marketing and business people from a wide variety of large and small companies sat and listened to talks on the future of mobile, mobile wallets and the mobile ecosystem.

Some of the talks were very interesting in the huge number of stats that they poured out: conversion rates, sales figures, profit figures, all pointing to the decline of Nokia and the rise of Samsung (a principle sponsor who gave the most monotone speech of the day). For me, the most interesting talk was on LinkedIn's mobile redesign, focusing on the IA of the site rather than aesthetics or profit figures.

I particularly enjoyed the talk by Mozilla's r&d director who talked about the Firefox OS, a contender to grab hold of the low end smartphone market by replacing the native APIs with standardised HTML and JavaScript.

I've done sketchnotes for most of the sessions except the panel sessions where absolutely nothing new was said or discussed, the mobile future panel being particularly grumpy about their own subject as if they'd said it a thousand times before (and they had).

Overall it was an enjoyable day, but lacking in any revolutionary sound bites or theories, though I'm sure that the crowd got what they wanted out of each of the sessions. My thanks to Chris at he guardian for inviting me along.