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Web Reading List for May 2020

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I've been away for 3 weeks and all this happened

It's a strange old time. In the middle of lockdown, my wife and I were expecting our second child, though we weren't quite expecting her this early. Two and a bit weeks before her due date, our littlest one arrives and I down tools to help. It's been a wonderful few weeks that I won't forget.

It did catch us all off guard though, as I'd been expecting to be part of a least another week's worth of the tech world, and then there was MS Build after that, and loads more. So, as I still scrolled through Twitter whilst seeing if she'll sleep, here's what I think I've missed in the last three weeks.

CSS Properties might be viable everywhere

In Rebuilding our Tech Stack Facebook showed the world what a modern, non-IE version of Facebook looks like - and it's basically React and CSS Custom Properties. It's not revolutionary.

What is good though, is this tweet later that shows IE11 using custom properties!

Apparently, it's inspired by this IE11 polyfill. CSS custom properties have been around for ages and are really something that I've never been able to invest in because they have awful polyfills and work-arounds. This one looks like it could actually work - for those of us that still have to support IE at least!

Chrome can tell if you're Idle

The new idle detection API looks pretty cool - currently behind origin trial it has a lot of use cases for web-apps and brings it another step closer to parity

Gitflow is not for web apps

Who knew

Lots of web perf goodness


Bonus video

A man solves an impossible Sudoku