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Sketchnotes from The Big M 2012 at Bath Digital Festival (Open Mic 13)

Posted on by Steve Workman About 1 min reading time

Yesterday, I went to Bath to learn about the latest in mobile development from some of the best people in the industry. We had talks from network operators, people who interact with developer advocates, how to make money from apps, digital media distribution, the future of the mobile web and talks about good web apps and responsive web design.

I took sketchnotes throughout the day and inked them up earlier. They were started in pen, hence being a bit rough around the edges (my FOWD set is still the high water mark personally), but have a look.

My thanks again to James Parton, Tom Hume, Keiran Gutteridge, Thayer Prime, Karen Barber, Rick Chapman, PPK, Phil Archer and Laura Kalbag for such great talks, and to Chris and Mike for putting on the event.