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Executive Summary - Flash vs HTML5

Flash CS5 boxSo, infamously, the iPhone OS doesn’t support Flash, encouraging its users to use the advantages of the webkit-based Safari to overcome any challenges that a lack of Flash can present. Last year, Adobe announced that in Flash CS5, you’d be able to convert it to run on the iPhone. In April, with a revised iPhone developer agreement, Apple put the brakes on, saying only apps written in one of three languages would be accepted on the App store. Adobe’s solution would compile directly to the CPU bytecode, hence being illegal.

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I could really do with an iPad right now

I've found my use case for an iPad: working without wi-fi. iPadI'm sat on my sofa watching the superbowl and my Internet connection is down. I'm left trying to write blog posts on my iPhone, which, by the speed of my typing, is not going to be fun. At this point, I'd like an iPad. I'd like a laptop which isn't quite a laptop, it just does what I need it to do. Thanks to lots of apps, the only thing I couldn't do on an iPad would be code, and I'm sure that won't be far away. All I want to do is write a blog post from the comfort of my sofa, without getting cramp in my hands or the battery running out.

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Tablet usability - the future can't come soon enough

ASUS eee tabletLast weekend I was sat on the tube (London underground to international readers), picadilly line to be exact, heading into central London. A young man got on and sat down opposite me. He got out a little ASUS netbook, turned it on and swivelled the lid to use it as a touch screen. "Awesome", I thought, "he's got one of those cool touch screen netbooks running Windows 7, I'd love one of those, it'd be so convenient".

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Apple product roadmap 2010-2011 (prediction)

If you're like me, with an eye on Google Reader even over the holidays, you won't have failed to notice the upcoming Apple event at which the Apple touch-screen tablet, likely to be called iSlate or the Slate, will be announced. Such is the predictability of this event, given the number of rumours that have appeared, it is now completely without interest. Even the stock market takes more notice of Apple's rumours, rather than their product announcements.

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6 Useful Sites for Beginning iPhone Development

iPhone development is the forefront of "cool" programming. Doing something with your latest toy and potentially selling it to millions of people, making a few bucks along the way. The main stumbling block (assuming you have a Mac) is the Objective-C language.

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Easy iPhone Applications

A few days ago I read about PhoneGap, an easy way to make an iPhone application using the web. The basic idea is that the native application runs a Webkit install pointed at a URL. From there you can run your iPhone-optimised web site without a hitch. Sounds wonderful.

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