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One long week

This has been a truly amazing week. I've travelled over 1000 miles and I'm not done travelling yet. I've had success, I've had failure, but I've also had so much fun that I'd do it all again in an instant.

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What I Learned at XNA

So, Microsoft and their DirectX team, being the geniuses that they are, have come up with a new product, XNA Studio Express which is rather good. I went to the launch event at Warwick uni thru the MSP programme. Here's what I learnt.

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Joys of MSDN

There are a number of benefits to being a Microsoft Student Partner. You get to learn about the new stuff before anyone else, you get to attend conferences and product launches (XNA Studio launch December 13th @ Warwick Uni), you get free stuff like t-shirts, laptop bags and USB pens, but the best thing of all is your MSDN Premium subscription.

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