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Responsive web design in practice - making Steve and Emily's

Over the last few months I've been making a web site for my wedding. Emily (my fiancée) and I didn't want your run-of-the-mill wedding website, hosted by someone on an unrecognisable domain (for example, or sub-domains). I wanted something that I had control over, that I could make as the perfect website for us, not a nice template that thousands of others have. We wanted something personal.

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Future of Web Design Sketchnotes - Day 2

Over the last few days I attended the Future of Web Design conference in central London. It was a great two days meeting some of my peers and heroes of web design. Here's my notes from Day 2, featuring Ethan Marcotte, [Femi Adesina](<a href=), Josh Clark, Bruce Lawson, Martin Beeby (from #LWSIE the day before), Elliot Jay Stocks, Sarah B Nelson and once again, Josh Clark!

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Droid Doesn't do tablets

No Android on tabletsAs a developer and iPhone fan, nothing pleases me more to say that Android has caught up with the iPhone. Android hardware has been great for a while, the Motorola Droid and Nexus One being the first in a wave of great devices, but the software hadn't been right. Android took its sweet time to develop but finally has all the great features iPhone users have enjoyed since the iPhone 3G and more (wi-fi hotspots for example).

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Designing for Touch

Over half of the UK population has a mobile phone, and there are 40 million active mobile devices. Of that number, there are about 8 million touch screen devices, with around half of that number being accounted for by the Apple iPhone. More than half of the new handsets being manufactured today have touch screen functionality, though no other single device has had the success of the iPhone.

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The Death of the Netbook

Netbook death watchI've never really understood the netbook craze. I can see the benefits of having a lightweight, low-power computer that performs 90% of the tasks you use a personal computer for; it just hasn't appealed to me, or my wallet.

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Tablet usability - the future can't come soon enough

ASUS eee tabletLast weekend I was sat on the tube (London underground to international readers), picadilly line to be exact, heading into central London. A young man got on and sat down opposite me. He got out a little ASUS netbook, turned it on and swivelled the lid to use it as a touch screen. "Awesome", I thought, "he's got one of those cool touch screen netbooks running Windows 7, I'd love one of those, it'd be so convenient".

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